After 35 years of serving foster youth, we have made the difficult decision to close our group home and foster family agency. We are proud of all the lives we have touched over the years and are thankful to the multitude of people who have helped us in our mission to help children and their families. We are especially thankful to all of our dedicated staff who are with us during this transition. Change can be hard, but our staff’s dedication to the well-being of our clients is commendable. Thank you to all who have made a difference in the life of a foster child!
We are not finished yet, however! We are looking into what it would take to open Transitional Housing Program homes for Non-minor Dependents. Although we are finishing one chapter, there is more to be written as there are many other opportunities out there for us to work with and support the foster youth in our community.  Stay tuned for further development, and thank you again for all of the love and support you have shown Atkinson Family Services over the last 35 years.