Residential Services

group-homesAtkinson’s group home division was formed to provide a safe, comfortable, caring, and neutral environment for children in need of treatment and or residential care.  Our program is designed to serve children ages 6 through 18 who are seriously emotionally disturbed, usually resulting from sexual, physical, and/or mental abuse. All of Atkinson Family Services’ Group Homes are a Level 12 with a therapeutic family setting serving 6 clients in each home.

Basic Services

  • A caring home environment with trained staff
  • Education through public schools, special education programs and private non-public school
  • Transportation to services and activities
  • Social development opportunities
  • Physical development opportunities
  • Therapy
  • Mental, emotional and physical assessment
  • Establishment of appropriate treatment plan
  • Development of living skills
  • Opportunity to improve birth family relationships
  • Medical and Dental
  • Treatment program in a therapeutic milieu

  • Make a difference in the child’s life
  • Teach children how to appropriately deal with past abuse and/or trauma
  • Help them recognize the power they have to make choices that will add real quality to their life
  • Learn appropriate methods of meeting their need of survival, love, belonging, fun, freedom, and learning
  • Have meaningful relationships with others
  • Develop needed living skills in preparation for adulthood
  • Provide an opportunity for spiritual development
  • Learn how to have a quality family life